Paris 2016 (7th Dec. 4pm-5pm) – France Culture radio (show ‘La Méthode scientifique‘)

The scientific tutor of SPE3DLab, T. Lefèvre, explains in the radio show ‘La Méthode scientifique’ (‘The Scientific method’) how data analysis techniques and Big Data can be applied in the daily practice of a hospital unit. He illustrates his talk by demonstrating how SPE3DLab is used to predict the number of days of ‘Total Incapitiy to Work’ of victims of assaults at the forensic unit of Hospital Jean Verdier.

Paris 2016 (11-12 Oct.) – E-Health Research International Congress

Alsassa S, Stindel E, Ansart S, Laugier V. Personalized medicine for patients with bone and joints infections: an explicative and predictive approach based on clinical data integration and agent-based modeling.

Chicago 2016 (4-7 Oct.) – IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics –

Alsassa S, Stindel E, Ansart S, Laugier V. Individualizing Treatment of Patients With Bone And Joint Infections: The Use of Embedded Agent-Based Modelling and Analytical Methods In Clinical Framework.