Easy-to-use open-source data analysis tool for questioning structured and unstructured data

Easily answer the questions you are asking concerning your data

From a simple web interface, SPE3DLab provides a full descriptive analysis of your data et allows you to test very easily your hypothesis and detangle complex relationships between the variables.

SPE3DLab handles automatically the tedious treatments that data processing software usually needs. This allows you to focus on the design of your models.

Connect to any datasource in one click

SPE3DLab allows you to work on data from various sources and in different formats without the hassle of dealing with their management or their treatment.

You can jump from one datasource to another in one click.

Datasources can be Excel or CSV files ; SQL databases ; Word or PDF documents ; any datasource accessible via an API developed for R (Twitter, Hadoop, …).

Easily integrate your models to your existing processes

SPE3DLab allows you to easily integrate the results of your analysis in your work flow.

Every model can be saved and made automatically available to your team in a web interface. It can also be invoked by your existing applications.